2016 Yearly Award Recipients

Professional Company Driver
Steve & Darlene Waller

The last quarter of 1999 for most of the world was chaotic. All the worlds' governments and financial institutions were in major panic mode. People were fleeing their cities, hording food and clothing as the end of society and law was about to come to a climatic end.

However for me, at approx three seconds after Y2K did not happen something else even more climatic did, Darlene kissed me Happy New Year. My life as I know it was changed forever in one second. The next chapter of 17 years and counting had just started.

We have weathered the storm of a huge wedding for our daughter, and then welcomed two grandbabies, who are now in their early teens. We suffered the loss of dear parents and some terrific friends along the way, but throughout it all we are still as strong as New Year 2000.

Our custom designed home was built in Turner Valley, Alberta. It continues to develop into our special place that we share with family and friends. Need a few more days off in a row to get it completely done.

In 2008, we finally got around to making honest people of ourselves and tied the knot in our home, with a small lovely wedding in the valley.

We joined Can Am in 2009 and just before the Canada day long weekend we embarked a plane and were whisked away by Don Simpson and for the next week underwent intense training, We completed courses and endless tests, endured seemingly mountains of paperwork and reading, went on foot blistering marches around the immense compound. We were introduced to the people who would become the most important people in our lives, but finally one day we became Can Am Owner Operators and were awarded the black tee- shirt of achievement.

It's now 2017, Dar and I have successfully travelled well over 1 million miles, and so far in all of our travels the only places we have not seen are PEI and North of Fort Mac.

The years have seemingly gone by too fast but one day at a time our sail boat gets closer and winters in the bay of Mexico by crystal beach will become more essential.

Professional Owner Operator
Devon Baker

It's been almost a year and a half since I've started this journey with CanAm. I've seen many places and have met a lot of great people inside and outside of the company. It has been a huge change since I've left the oil and gas industry but it's been amazing. My son loves to ride in the truck and is happy that he gets to travel in the biggest vehicle when he gets picked up at school. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with CanAm in my own truck in the future.