2016 Fourth Quarter Award Recipients

Professional Company Driver
Zane Plante

Started driving in 1978 and joined Can-Am in 2008. Enjoy it and everyday is a new adventure.

Professional Owner Operator
Egbert Hartman

I started driving in 1987 for a custom harvesting outfit based out of Vernon, TX. The work was hauling grain out of the fields and pulling the equipment from Texas up to Montana and back down again. After that I went to Georgia to work for a greenhouse operation doing floral P&D type of work all over the Southern US. I also managed to get my private and commercial pilots licenses in that time.

In 1992 I decided to go back to my home country Holland where I started working for a small local trucking company. In Holland trucking is a trade so I had to go to school to get my chauffeurs license, soon after I was doing European long haul.

In 1995 it was time to go back to school again to get my certification to become an independent Owner Operator. In Holland all O/O have to get their authority. In August of 1995 I started with my own truck, for the next 5 and half years I never looked back and hammered down all over Europe. I was very successful in what I was doing and then the dot.com crash came and fuel prices were already spiking. I had to sell my equipment and I decided to go back to school. I took courses in cost calculations, route planning and driver management. In the meantime, we also started the immigration application to Canada. I found out that that I liked trucking better from behind the steering wheel then from the office, so I drove until our move to Canada.

Once settled in the Calgary area, I found work with Vedder Transport. I left for a brief period in 2006 to try my luck in the oil patch, but when rigs folded, Vedder asked to give them another try, I did, but I knew I wanted to be O/O again and for that I had to switch to Can-Am. I bought a truck and started with the Open Deck Division in June of 2007. Since then I have been riding the trucking wave as a Can-Am O/O and with the company I have been through economic ups and downs.

In 2015, a dark cloud came over my family when my wife Annette was diagnosed with breast cancer. The support we received from the people in the office and on the road was fantastic. We are still very grateful for this, thank you very much. Annette is doing fine now.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the future brings and hope to continue to be a part of the VTLG organization.